Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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One of the most popular video game series of all time is Grand Theft Auto.  Ever since GTA III, these games changed the gaming world and other games that were pretenders and copiers of the open world gameplay.  The games have been wildly controversial for the amounts of things that you could do in the game (mostly illegal) and the controversy has just made the games more popular.  It was announced that Rockstar is working on a new game however the location is not known and people are wondering if the game will hit PS3/X-box360 or they will wait for their new console to come out.

A)  If you REFLECT on video games in general, Why has such a controversial game series like Grand Theft Auto been so popular with consumers? 

B)  Even though Grand Theft Auto is already a popular game, why do you think the location will make it more popular/less popular?

C)  If Liberty City was New York City, Vice City was Miami, San Andreas was Los Angeles, then what city do you think the next game should take place in and what should they call it?

(You MUST write 5 sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

As shown in the 8 clips below Volkswagon and their research department at show that Technology and FUN can change people’s attitudes about things they don’t normally do or want to do.

A)  If you ANALYZE the videos, How could we incorporate more fun and come up with an experiment that we might be able to pull off here at school?

B)  If fun make people do things they don’t want to do and do them better, why are schools so resistant to fun?

C) If you remember the other fun theory things, which was your favorite? Piano Stairs, Bottle Bank Arcade, Deep Trash Can, Slide, Elevator, Shopping Cart, or Speed Camera Lottery? Why?

D)  Speed Camera Lottery was scribbled down on a paper by a regular guy.  For next year’s contest, what would you enter and why?

(You must write 5 complete sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)

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Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

One of the HUGE issues the past few years has been bullying in the schools.  Teens from all over are being bullied, harrassed or disrespected and very few people stick up for them.  However, teens are not the only ones bullied.  Sometimes adults are bullied as well for a number of different reasons.  Marsha Ambrosius just released her new video dedicated to a friend of hers.  It is a powerful video.  Hopefully, it will cause people to think about how far is too far. 

A)  If you analyze this video, what was the overall theme?

B)  If you REFLECT on the video, what hurt worse: the reaction of the lady and kids or the reaction of his homeboys in the park (Not the beating)? Why?

C)  IDENTIFY some different things a person could do to help a person in need like in the video, so it doesn’t end up like the video?

D)  Explain how people could be helped by this video, especially if the people who don’t like this type of stuff will NEVER see this video?

(You must use 5 COMPLETE SENTENCES or you will get ZERO CREDIT)

Marsha Ambrosius’ “FAR AWAY” video


Monday, May 9th, 2011

Recent studies have shown that kids are posting too much sensitive information online.  Many parents believe that kids are not thinking about what they say before they post it online.  Also, the pictures are too revealing and too much swearing is being shared.  Many parents are completely unaware of what kids have on their pages or what type of posts their kids make on a daily basis.

A)  If you REFLECT on social networking, Why do you think kids share so much information with complete strangers online? 

B)   Social networking such as party lines and chat rooms have been around for 20 years, so how have advances in technology changed and made sites like Facebook and Myspace more interesting now?”

C)  Do you believe there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to pictures and things said online on sites like Facebook or Myspace?   What is that line?

D)  Even though kids have been told about the number of cyber predators online, why do you think kids still put so much personal information online for everyone to see?

(You MUST write 5 sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)

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Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops

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“Pop Culture is everywhere.  Zombies are the newest craze to take over horror culture, now that vampires have died down a bit.  The University of Baltimore is now offering a course called Zombie 101. Zombies were featured on an episode of Glee as well as many other TV shows.  The most popular downloadable content for a video game this past year has been Red Dead Redemption – the zombie pack.  Yesterday, the download “Escalation” for the most popular Game of the Year, Call of Duty: Black Ops came featuring zombies with plenty of celebrity guest appearances and directed by Mr. Zombie, George Romero. 

A)  If you REFLECT on pop culture, Why do you think America has this sudden fascination with zombies? 

B)  If  Zombies and zombie movies have been around for 50 years, how have advances in technology changed Zombies and made them more interesting now?”

C)  Even though Black Ops is already a popular game, why do you think this zombie download will make it more popular/less popular? 

(You MUST write 5 sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)


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